Saturday, October 13, 2012

Too Many Finches!

Normally, we would have a normal amount of common birds, but this fall there has been a myriad of finches and sparrows. House Finches, in particular. House finches are common birds in Illinois and its surroundings. We have them here at our tube  feeder. They'll invade it when Black-Capped Chickadees or White-Breasted Nuthatches are eating. It's mean, to put it simply. But if that's their normal, natural behavior, I'll let them be. But one day, a very bossy House finch came to our hopper feeder. it guarded the feeder like it was its own! If another bird perched next to him (which none ever got the chance, I might add), he would chase it off. I became so fed up with it that I decided to scare it off. It flew away, but it came back just as I shut the back door, he came back again! I knew it was him, because he had a down feather sticking out of its back. Since my attempts to get him away were futile, I decided to leave it alone. This is a picture of one:
This is a close-up of it's head:

Here's a picture of a House Sparrow:

This is also a male.

The House Sparrows are nice, but the House Finches... ugh.

-Mr. Bird

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